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Edible  handmade "sleeping baby" cake toppers
These adorable life like babies are handcrafted, painted and can be customized.   Though the baby is completely edible, (made from
fondant/sugar)  because they must dry to a hard state, most customers choose to save the baby cake topper as a keepsake instead of eating it.   

Are you looking to add that special,  personalized touch to birthday cakes, baptism cakes, baby shower cakes or even as a topper for individual
cupcakes?   Why not add a  handmade "sleeping baby" to your order?  Aside from being completely edible,  your baby can be customized in any
way you like, including hair, skin color, outfit and backdrop.   See pricing below.  
Baby w/ diaper (or without) =                          $6.00
Baby w/ outfit of your choice  or blanket =     $8.00
Baby and  backdrop (includes outfit) =        $15.00  

*Prices are general guidelines.  Labor intensive designs are per quote.
Babies with or without diaper
Baby on flower backdrop
Baby on baseball backdrop
Baby's christening on cross
Baby w/ blanket
Actual size approx. 2.5" long
Sleeping baby topper on cake
Examples:  (Click on picture for larger view )    
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Baby in diaper