Lakes Cakes
Adult/Over the hill, etc.
Betty Boop cake
Pushing 31
(Please see Sculptures/Cutouts, Tiered cakes, Sports and Floral for more adult themed cakes.)
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Grim reaper Over the Hill cake
3D Texas Hold 'Em/ Poker cake
Black and white 50th birthday  
Vogue magazine cover model
3D Champagne bottle cake
Hooter's girl cake
Red carpet birthday cake
Cut out 2D Corona bottle
Beer bottle w/ pink elephants cake
2D corset cake
3D casino cake/roulette wheel
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Raised "50" on cake
Cutout Bud Light beer
Cutout Grey Goose
Cutout 55 cake w/ casino theme
3D slot machine cake
Sexy girl w/ gun
Sexy corset cake
Hot tub cake
Elvis cake
Plumber cake
Cut out  Hooka pipe cake
"bottle to bottles..."
3D vodka bottle cake
Cutout Starbucks coffee cake
3D monkey w/ vodka bottle cake
Cut out Ace of
champagne bottle
Cutout number 30 w/ fresh
3D cigar case w/ cigars cake
3D cigar cake
3D amo case cake

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40th birthday cake
50th birthday cake- Over the Hill
Cutout 50 cake
50th birthday cupcakes
Harley Davidson cake
Grim Reaper cake
80"s Cake  
Hennessy bottle cake
Gun cake w/ gun cake
Jeopardy cake