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Graduation Cakes
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Drawn graduation hat and
College logo- EMU
3D grad hat cake
Graduation cake w/ custom rice paper scroll
3D toothbrush cake
Topsy Turvy graduation cake
Two tier topsy turvy cake- MSU theme
Stack of books cake w/ 3D Cookie
Monster on top
U of M graduation cake
Hairdresser/Beautician's cake
Gold and green tiered cake
Culinary Arts cake/Chef's cake
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3D grad hat on stacked books
Doctors theme tiered cake
Human heart cake
3D tooth with brace for the
Dentist/Hygenist cake
Tiered grad cake white and green
Lawyer cake
Stacked books- tropical theme

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Class reunion cake
College graduation cake
topsy turvey grad cake
2 tiered  U of M graduation cake
MSU grad cake
Nurse's cake
MSU cake
CMU cake
Artist cake
3D grad hat
Nurse's cake