Lakes Cakes
"Cars, planes, boats etc..."
3D corvette car cake
3D Nascar cake
1973 Chevy Caprice
3D BMW car cake
3D '68 Covette car cake sculpture
3D Monster truck cake
3D General Lee/Dukes of Hazard cake
Snow plow/Salt truck cake- Oakland
County Road Commission
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3D Lugger truck
3D monster truck cake
3D 70s VW van
3D sprint car cake
3D Race car cake
3D CARS cake
3D Garbage truck cake
3D Dumptruck cake
3D battleship cake
3D jetliner cake
3D police car
3D sl550 Mercedes
Hummer cake
RV cake
Grave Digger truck cake
Police car
Bumble car cake
3D  Porsche cake
3D Ford Mustang cake
3D CAT excavator cake
3D pirate ship cake

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Semi truck cake
Ford F150 cake
3D range rover cake
3D Jeep cake
Harley Davidson cake
Planes cake
'57 corvette