Lakes Cakes
3D/2D Sculptures and Cutouts

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Cutout dalmation cake
Cutout Scooby Doo cake
Cutout Peekachoo
Cut out Backyardigan "Pablo"
2 tier Elmo cake
Cut out T Rex dinosaur cake
3D dinosaur cake and baby cake inspired by the
child's stuffed animal
Cutout blue monster cake
Cut out 3D Elmo cake
Cutout giraffe cake (animated)
Cut out Curious George cake
Cutout coral snake
Cutout Gecko
3D Fred Flintstone cake
Cutout Shrek cake
3D Scooby baby cake
3D Bubblegum machine cake
3D My Little Pony Cake
2D Cut out Hungry Caterpiller cake
3D StarWars R2D2 cake
3D Clone Trooper Rex helmet
Star Wars cake with handmade gum paste
3D crystal skull w/ handmade gumpaste
Indiana Jones
Cutout Pidgon cake
Cutout 2D Sponge Bob cake
Cut out Mickey Mouse
3D Dumptruck cake
3D Garbage truck cake
3D Firetruck cake
3D "Cars" cake
Transformers/ Autobots (mini sized) 3D cakes  
3D race car cake
Cut out Abby Cadabby cake
3D monkey's head cake
Cutout horse cake
3D ballet slippers
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3D lady bug
Cutout Mario
Cutout Mario
3D Stars Wars Stormtrooper helmet
Darth Vader
Nihao Kailan
Darth Vader full body
Yo Gabba Gabba cake
3D Ninjago
3D monkey cake
Tinkerbell cake
3D Barney cake
Darth Vader and Yoda
3D Scorpian
Cutout Minnie Mousse cake

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Minion cake