Lakes Cakes

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Cut out 2D real estate sign cake
3D pocket watch cake
3D watch cake
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2D cutout cactus and sombrero
3D Lady bug
3D pig roast cake
3D/2D Sculptures and Cutouts
Red Carpet Birthday cake
3D skull cake
Texas Hold 'em cake
Casino theme cake
3D lion
Cutout USA
3D watch cake
Cut out Fraternity shield
Wizard of Oz cake
3D fish cake
Cutout batman logo
3D knight's head cake
Cutout Detroit Police Department
Badge cake
Detroit Fire Department badge cake
Cutout 60 cake
Pool table cake
3D dog cake
Hot tub cake

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Stacked books cake
Navy dress hat cake
Toolbox cake
Elvis cake
Gun and case cake
Dr. Who/Tardis cake