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3D/2D Cake Sculptures and Cutouts
"Purses, shoes, makeup etc..."   

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3D Victoria's Secret bag cake w/
3D gucchi purse and high heeled shoe cake
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Juicy Couture purse cake
3D Juicy Couture duffle bag
Lime green handbag with accessories
3D Gucchi purse cake
Louis Vuitton briefcase w/
money cake
Channel handbag w/ accessories
3D Louis Vuitton purse
3D Channel makeup bag w/ accessories
Louis Vuitton purse w/ accessories
3D Tori Birch makeup bag w/ accessories
Sheet cake w/ 3D purse and shoes
Cutout Vogue model
3D Coach bag
Channel purse w/ accessories
Channel make up bag w/ accessories and
high heels
3D rollerskate
3D Gucci purse covered in fondant
3D Gucci purse w/ high heel and accessories
3D Louis Vuitton purse w/ accessories
Cutout Ciroc bottle and Gucci purse
Pink purse w/ Ipod and accessories
3D  Chanel lipstick
Tori Burch purse
Juicy Couture purse
Coach bag
Gucchi gift box
3d Gucchi purse w/ bangles
3d  Michael Jordan
shoe cake  
Gucchi box w/ money cake
Louboutin shoe, box and accessories
Michael Kors purse cake
Louis Vuitton briefcase w/ money
Louis Vuitton purse cake
3d pink purse and shoes
Coach handbag, shoe and
Handmade fondant high heeled shoe

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Nordstrom bag cake
3D louis vuitton purse cake and shoes  
3D louboutin sboebox and shoes
Fondant covered travel case cake
MAC makeup cake
MAC makeup cake