Wedding/party favors
Hand decorated custom Sugar Cookies (4 - 6 inch):
$2.25 each/ $2.75 each with bag and bow  
Chocolate favors (2 oz Belgium milk, dark or white):
$2.25 each/ $2.75 with bag and bow
Chocolate covered caramel apples (wedding couple):
As pictured, $8.00 each / $16.00 a couple
Note:  This is only a small sampling of cookies that we do.  If you don't see a
specific item, just ask.  Lakes Cakes owns 100's of cookie cutters.  We will even
custom cut a cookie design just for you!  
Wedding cake
Wedding bells
Beach theme
Wedding cake
Gourmet caramel apples
$6.00 each/ $7.00 w/ bag and bow
Wedding bells

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Cake pops
$2.25 each/$2.75 with bag and bow